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The 3eplanet Renewable Energy Laboratory/ Research / University Centre will be the first EU Department for renewable energy and energy efficiency research and development in the EU. Researching renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and the science behind them for a future powered by clean energy and independent of other prime energy (gas and oil).


3e Planet will develop renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and practices, studies advances related science and engineering, and transfers knowledge and innovations to address the EU´s energy security and environmental goals. Our focus is on a clean, secure and affordable energy future.
Furthermore that industrial and production companies will again settle down in the EU because of the advantageous energy costs, as well as entire systems of seawater desalination.

3e Planet will operate sustainably. We are committed to leading the way as a global model for sustainability and our work is held to the highest environment, health, safety, and quality standards.


3e Planet will conduct renewable energy and energy efficiency research and development in 7 main programmatic areas. Each research area will enhanced by crosscutting functions, including industry partnerships and technology transfer, analysis, and program integration.

The 7 programs are:

1) Photovoltaic
2) Solar Heating
3) Wind Power
4) Geothermal Heat
5) Tidal Power Station
6) Energy Storage Technologies
7) Scientific Talents

1) Photovoltaic

3e Planet photovoltaic (PV) research will cover the full spectrum from fundamental studies in PV-related materials to commercialization and systems integration

This work includes:
Developing and improving PV cells in several material systems
Developing advanced technologies such as concentrating photovoltaic and organic photovoltaic
Characterizing PV cells, modules, and systems to improve performance and reliability
Assisting industry with standardized tests and performance models for PV devices
Helping the PV industry accelerate manufacturing capacity and commercialization