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2) Solar Heating

3e Planet will research and work with the solar industry to lower the cost of solar water heating systems. Laboratory researchers assist with prototype development of new material systems through modelling and optimization, characterization of system performance, and accelerated testing of materials durability

3) Wind Power

The goal from 3e Planet is to be an essential partner for the technical development and large-scale deployment of wind power.

The goals are to:
Improve wind plant power production.
Reduce wind plant capital cost.
Improve wind plant reliability and lower O&M cost.
Eliminate barriers to large-scale deployment.
3e Planet´s unique research capabilities, experienced staff, and specialized state-of-the-art equipment will provide our industry partners and stakeholders with technical support from the design table to the marketplace and will contribute to many industry successes.

Our research will covers a wide spectrum of wind energy engineering disciplines, both land-based and offshore, including computational fluid dynamics, structural; power systems and electronics; and turbine engineering applications for wind turbines with capacity ratings of a few hundred kilowatts to several megawatts.

4) Geothermal Heat

The heat from the earth. This heat can be drawn from several sources: hot water or steam reservoirs deep in the earth that are accessed by drilling; geothermal reservoirs located near the earth's surface and the shallow ground near the Earth's surface that maintains a relatively constant temperature of 10°-15° C.

This variety of geothermal resources allows them to be used on both large and small scales. A utility can use the hot water and steam from reservoirs to drive generators and produce electricity for its customers. Other applications apply the heat produced from geothermal directly to various uses in buildings, roads, agriculture, and industrial plants. Still others use the heat directly from the ground to provide heating and cooling in homes and other buildings.




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