Country Officer


1) Formation of a foundation

1.1 Locations (01.1) / (01.2) / (01.3)
1.2 Project management, organisation, headhunt
1.3 Project planning, costs, time frame
1.4 Final report

2) European civic action (EBI)

2.1 Main threads (theme) (02)
2.2 International representative / delegate (03.1) / (03.2)
2.3 as an example for 3eplanet

3) Media

3.1 In cooperation with universities (05.1) / (05.2) of informatics work out frame conditions for announcement in the media face book , YouTube, twitter and place an order.

3.2 A print media, e.g " Springer Verlag" (06)
for an exclusive story which already starts now without costs for the publishing, company but obligates it to report regularly (weekly) about 3eplanet up from the time of its publishing.

3.3 Media – bearer upholder (idea) champion
People standing in public gain well-known personalities / celebrities as ambassadors for 3e Planet.
Starting out with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sebastian Vettel, or respectively Red Bull which advertises 3eplanet (07) in a special video in its typical style, as well as food concerns, mineral oil companies with a tight net of branches. (08)