Country Officer

Country Officer

International representatives are responsible for announcement and forwarding of all information and embody at the same time the contact for universities of the respective authorities as well as of the Green Party and national associations (women's networks, pensioners; clubs, ...)

The system of centurion for the voting is an essential part for the success of the project. Each of the international representatives chooses 10 persons of his closest relatives or acquaintances of which they can be certain that they will vote for 3eplanet at a certain day they will be informed about, and that they will also send them confirmation of their vote. Furthermore, this circle of people (centurion) will be asked to proceed in the same way with their closest relatives or friends.

The national representatives choose for themselves a vice who should be a celebrity (sportsperson, actor, actress, ...) or a professor or scientist and so can take part in the publishing decisively.

Each possible enlargement of the circle of participants registered is decided by the national representatives themselves.


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