EU University & Research Centre


a huge camp for dozens, hundreds of students, professors, engineers, where these three natural powers are studied, watched, researched, experienced, joined and used. A high-tech forge of/for alternative energy in Europe. For us as inventors of many tremendous achievements for this world and as finally common public appearance of the European Community it is a must to initiate this - as I call it – 3e Planet.

The US have their Silicon Valley, India its Bangalore and Europe, as one of the biggest national economies of the world, has its …?

When the smartest heads in this field live and work together, spend their free-time there, it is just a question of time until further great developments in this sector will be made.

Inquiring various institutions ( maritime weather service, meteorology, geo-dynamics) in Europe about where the most sunny hours, the strongest winds and the highest tides differences occur, statistics show up the south-west of Spain and Portugal.

As a frequent traveller I would consider the generating of energy in the place where it is needed as part of the establishing of peace in the world.